Wide variety of products

Fresh, filleted, frozen and elaborated

Our presence in the main fishing ports

of the Cantabrian Sea allows us to offer fresh daily fish of the highest quality.

Committed to sustainable fisheries

to preserve the life of the oceans

We can distribute all kinds of seafood products

but we are specialists in Atlantic fish which we buy directly from the auctions.

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Spanish seafood wholesaler


Asturpesca, S.L. is an Asturian company whose main activity is focused on handling and trading all kind of fish and seafood, fresh, frozen, elaborated, as well as fish filleting.

Since its foundation in 1992, we have been growing step by step and consolidating as a reference in the sector, facing new challenges year after year and always with our mind set on the future and on foreign markets. In 1997 we started a new and decisive stage in the development of the company, with the opening of a fish filleting line. All this has led us to position ourselves as one of the most important companies in the sector.


Every day, we distribute a wide variety of products to different types of customers: department stores, wholesalers, retailers, restaurants… inside and outside our borders.


The domestic market is increasingly becoming vital in the revenue growth for Asturpesca.


Exports have been a great boost for the development of our company, representing a very significant percentage of the total turnover.


In 2010 we opened a new market line for hotels, restaurants, catering, canteens, etc.

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We show you the main fish and seafood species we work with in Asturpesca, classified in four different categories: Fresh, Frozen, Filleted, Elaborated.

fresh fish distributor


We have a wide variety of fresh products, most of which come from the Cantabrian fishing grounds.

frozen fish distributor


Since 2009, coinciding with the move to the new facilities, we have a new line of frozen products.

elaborated fish distributor


Since 2010 we supply a wide range of manufactured fish products.

filleted fish distributor


We are specialists in filleting fish. We can offer a wide variety of formats and presentations.


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The Atlantic horse mackerel

The Atlantic horse mackerel

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