Every day, we distribute a wide variety of products to different types of customers: department stores, wholesalers, retailers, restaurants… inside and outside our borders.

distributor of line-caught hake


The domestic market is increasingly becoming vital in the revenue growth for Asturpesca. Our location in the central area of the North of Spain allows us to distribute our products to our customers in less than 24 hours.

Refrigerated transport specialists distribute our products all around the country.

fish processing company
MSC fish wholesaler


Exports have been a great boost for the development of our company, representing a very significant percentage of the total turnover.

Every day, we ship fresh fish to nearby countries such as France, Italy and Portugal, where we have many loyal customers, as well as frequently exporting to other E.U.markets (Germany, Slovenia, Greece, etc.) and non-EU countries as United Kingdom, Morocco and USA (complying with all FDA regulations).

In Europe, as in the national market, this distribution is carried out by companies specialised in refrigerated transport that link the different routes established throughout Europe, so that deliveries are made within 24h to 72h, depending on the final destination.


In 2010 we opened a new market line for hotels, restaurants, catering, canteens, etc.

We are able to offer high quality products and the best service for the most demanding gourmets.

We have isothermal vans in order to keep a good preservation of our products which is a safety guarantee for our customers.

distributor of line-caught hake