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Asturpesca, S.L. is an Asturian company whose main activity is focused on handling and trading all kind of fish and seafood, fresh, frozen, elaborated, as well as fish filleting.

Since its foundation in 1992, we have been growing step by step and consolidating as a reference in the sector, facing new challenges year after year and always with our mind set on the future and on foreign markets. In 1997 we started a new and decisive stage in the development of the company, with the opening of a fish filleting line that was a great boost by expanding the formats and presentations of our products.

Moreover, from the beginning we participated as exhibitors in the main international fairs of the sector: SEAFOOD EXPO GLOBAL and CONXEMAR, as well as in other promotional events. All this has led us to position ourselves as one of the most important companies in the sector.


We are committed with the following principles:

  • Customer satisfaction: Full-service client and customer satisfaction is the only key performance indicator that is crucial to our success in business.
  • Quality Control System: Quality control is an important aspect of our business which ensures our clientes receive a top quality product.
  • Mutual commitment to our suppliers: We do everything we can to build open business relationships and ensure fair and even-handed dealings with our suppliers.
  • Employee satisfaction: we are highly committed to the safety, stability and training of our workers.
  • Continuous improvement: We continuously analyse and revise all the processes we make.
  • Application of new technologies: we are aware of the continuous technological advance and we face the challenges of digital transformation and 4.0 industry as opportunities to provide a better service and a more efficient management of our processes.
  • Respect for the environment: we are committed to the protection of the environment and the sustainability of the seas and oceans.
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In 2009 we celebrated the opening of a new plant in Avilés located in the fishing port near the new Fish Market of Avilés. The plant has a built area of 3.500 m2.

Our facilities are in compliance with food safety regulations in regard to food products trading and production, and they have the most up-to-date technologies that we apply in the different stages of the productive process.

We have two different kinds of production facilities:

  • Cold-storage facilities consisting of cold-storage chambers for fresh fish and frozen fish, ice factory, ice silo and freezing tunnels. The refrigerated storage capacity currently totals 840 m3 and the freezing storage capacity totals 1032m3.
  • Fish filleting facilities 480 m2 with an appropriate environmental temperature. They are fitted with the most up-to date fish filleting machines. Between 5000 and 10000kg of filleted fish can be produced here depending on the kind of fish.


In Asturpesca we guarantee the excellent QUALITY of our products and the productive process through all its stages:

  • Raw material selection: We make a careful selection of fresh fish as raw material.
  • Fish handling techniques: We have an expert human team handling fresh fish using the most advanced production techniques. After this process the fish products are ready for distribution.
  • Distribution: We use certified refrigerated trucks for fresh fish and frozen fish transport.
  • Quality Control: At each stage of the production process we carry out continuous quality controls to ensure that the intrinsic characteristics of the fish are not altered as a result of the technology used and the working conditions.

It is the quality of our work that has led us to gain and maintain the trust of our clients and customers over the years.

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