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We show you the main fish and seafood species we work with in Asturpesca, classified in four different categories: Fresh, Frozen, Filleted, Elaborated. In the file of each product you will find detailed information about each of them.

fresh fish distributor


We have a wide variety of fresh products, most of which come from the Cantabrian fishing grounds.

frozen fish distributor


Since 2009, coinciding with the move to the new facilities, we have a new line of frozen products, mainly of pelagic species, and specially designed for the freezing of filleted fish.

filleted fish distributor


We are specialists in filleting fish : hake, tuna, sardine,mackerel, horse mackerel, blue whiting, etc.

We can offer a wide variety of formats and presentations.

elaborated fish distributor


Since 2010 we supply a wide range of manufactured fish products. They can be served as high quality bulk products or vacuum-packed products. Preservation methods maintain the quality of our products for a long period of time (7 to 12 days) depending on the packed format.

If you would like a product or presentation that does not appear in the above selection

please send us your request in writing to and we will try to meet your needs as soon as possible.

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on availability, qualities and prices, please contact our sales department at the following number:

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