For Asturpesca, quality is a constant objective.

In order to offer safe products to consumers, as well as to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers, at Asturpesca we define food safety policies and objectives, and work procedures, based on the following guidelines:

Hazard Analysis and Application of Control Measures: all our processes are permanently studied and controlled, seeking, on the one hand, that the technology used and the working conditions minimise the alteration of the intrinsic characteristics of the fresh fish and, on the other hand, the best possible hygiene conditions.

Our efforts in this regard have been recognised with the achievement of certification under the IFS Food v.6 quality and food safety standard which, since it was first obtained in 2013, has been renewed year after year.

Selection of always fresh raw material: our location in the surroundings of the main port for the landing of fish products in Asturias, the Avilés fish market, as well as our capacity to take on large volumes of raw material together with our careful selection of the products purchased, make us an important platform for the distribution of fresh fish.

More than 80% of the fish we sell comes from Asturian fish markets, with the fish markets of Avilés and Gijón being our two main suppliers.

Ability to meet customer needs: direct communication with our customers, the ability to adapt our work processes to their specifications and the possibility of extending our purchasing scope to other ports in the Cantabrian Sea are proof of our flexibility.

It is precisely our commitment to our customers that drives us year after year to initiate new product development projects.

Continuous improvement: we are committed to guaranteeing that the processes we carry out are continuously analysed, so that at all times they are in accordance with the company’s policy and objectives as well as with the customer’s requirements and the applicable regulations.

Respect for the environment: we are a company that is aware of the importance of protecting nature and the natural environment for future generations.

Since 2016 the company has been certified under the Chain of Custody standard of the organisation in favour of sustainable fishing MSC (MARINE STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL). This certification covers the distribution of the following products and their derivatives: octopus caught with nasa by vessels from the fishermen’s guilds of Tapia de Casariego, Viavélez, Puerto de Vega and Ortiguera and the white tuna and anchovy purchased from Lonjagijón-Musel, S.A. and Nueva Rula de Avilés, S.A.

In the following video, recorded in our facilities during the month of January 2022, you can see how we work under these guidelines.