From ASTURPESCA we join the celebration of the World Fishing Day, which since 1998, is celebrated all over the world, every 21st of November.

World Fisheries Day celebrations serve as a reminder that the focus must be on changing the way the world manages international fisheries to ensure sustainable stocks and healthy ocean ecosystems.

Fishing communities around the world celebrate the day with a diverse cultural programme – educational workshops, theatre performances, cultural exhibitions, music shows and other activities – to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining the world’s fisheries and the sustainability of our oceans.
We are highly committed to sustainability, having obtained the MSC Certification in 2016.

This certification covers the distribution of the following products and their derivatives: octopus caught with nets by boats from the fishermen’s associations of Tapia de Casariego, Viavélez, Puerto de Vega and Ortiguera and white tuna and anchovies acquired from Lonjagijón-Musel, S.A. and Nueva Rula de Avilés S.A.