covid-19 protocol


ASTURPESCA will remain in operation during the period of containment by COVID-19, as the food sector is cone of the essential activities (BOE- Wednesday 1 April 2020 – Royal Decree 1277/2003, 10 October).

In order to continue our activity, we strictly adhere to our protocol of action, as well as that of the Government of Spain, in order to minimize the effects of the Coronavirus and to protect our workers, to whom we are grateful for their commitment.

You will find below the main rules implemented within our company:

  1. Staff will work in alternating shifts and in different work areas.
  2. If they have symptoms associated with the coronavirus, such as fever, cough and breathing difficulties, they will be prevented from coming to work.
  3. Production staff must enter the locker rooms in alternating or different shifts. No more than two at the same time.
  4. Breaks must not be taken by more than two people at the same time, but not together or at least keeping 1 to 2 m apart from each other.
  5. As we always do, they must wear the « balaclava », a textile piece that covers the whole mouth and nose. This rule also applies to the fish market, where they must also comply with all the rules that the auctions have laid down and communicated to the agents and buyers.
  6. Continuous hand washing was already applied, but now with greater frequency and cleanliness, if possible.
  7. In the dining room, alcohol-based sprays are always available to the staff so that they could clean all the tables and coffee machines after use. Also in the vans and trucks.
  8. In the warehouse and in the office we have hand disinfectant, masks and sprays available for everyone and we ensure that they are used frequently.
  9. For office staff, it has been facilitated, as far as possible, that part of their work can be done by teleworking or alternating when the duties are similar.