Quality and Innovation

Top quality is a constant aim for us.

Our purpose is offering safe products for consumers and we are focused on customer satisfaction. For this reason we have food harmlesness policies ,objectives and work procedures based on the following principles:

Danger analysis and implementation of control measures.

All our processes are permanently studied and controlled trying to minimize possible fish alterations through our technology and working conditions.

Raw material selection

We are an important fish fillets distribution company due to our location near the Fish Market of Avilés , our capacity to acquire big amounts of raw material and our careful selection of fresh fish products.

Capacity to understand and respond to customer needs.

We have a direct communication with our clients and we adapt our work processes to their requirements. Besides, we can expand our purchasing field to other Cantabrian Ports.

Continuous quality improvement

Continuous quality improvement

Asturpesca is a certified company according to Quality Standard IFS Food for process for making and selling fresh fish, frozen and filleted.


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Orders and Customer Service +34 985 527 077

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