Who we are

Asturpesca S.L. is an Asturian company whose main activity is focused on handling and trading all kinds of fresh fish, frozen fish, manufactured fish products, seafood and filleted fish.

The company was founded in 1992 and it has grown to currently become a succesful company facing new challenges every year and thinking about the future. In 1997 Asturpesca opened a fish filleting line that played a decisive role in the company´s activity. Nowadays Asturpesca is one of the most important companies in the fish sector.

We are committed with the following principles:

  • Customer satisfaction: Full-service client and customer satisfaction is the only key performance indicator that is crucial to our sucess in business.
  • Quality Control System: Quality control is an important aspect of our business which ensures our clientes receive a top quality product
  • Mutual commitment to our suppliers: We do everything we can to build open business relationships and ensure fair and even-handed dealings with our suppliers.
  • Employee satisfaction: We always look for ways to ensure high job satisfaction among our employees.
  • Continuous improvement: We continuously analyze and revise all the processes we make.
  • New technologies: We apply up-to-date technologies to all our productive processes and company management.
  • Environmental care: Environmental sustainability is an integral part of our strategy and a key reason for our success..
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Orders and Customer Service +34 985 527 077

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